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How We Got Here And Why

How many times per day do you find yourself looking up how to do a certain command on a computer or wondering about tasks such as how to take a screenshot or exit a frozen program? There are hundreds of keyboard shortcuts and even professionals don't remember all of them, let alone users that are not using computer much. It is especially hard when we are switching from Windows to Mac or vice versa! We, at Synerlogic Electronics, experienced all of that ourselves, that's why we created the Shortcut Stickers. 

The idea of a cheat sheet keyboard sticker (or a mousepad, or a laminated print, or a keyboard cover) is not new, there are multiple versions readily available on the web, but we wanted to create something special, a unique combination of universal convenience, outstanding quality, unmatched durability and striking design. Something that will last for as long as we need it, quick tips always at the fingertips that are always with you, right next to the keyboard . Something that is scratch and dirt-resistant, but will not leave mess when you decide to remove it. All of that - without breaking a bank, for a price of a drink at a coffee shop.

There came the king of all shortcut stickers: Mac-in-Black!


Since our official launch in September 2020, inspired by outstanding reception of the debut sticker, our team has already developed a multitude of new products: for Windows 10, Chromebook, iPad OS and iPad Pro OS, Seesaw Icons, Word and Excel (for both Mac and Windows) and the list doesn't stop there. We are receiving many requests for cheat-sheets for Apple music and video editing software, a whole line-up of Adobe professional programs, Linux shortcuts, Spanish versions and much, much more, all coming next year! (don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to be first to receive our new stickers)

Mac and Windows stickers are an excellent tool for anyone who is looking to be more productive on their computer, especially in the wake of the work-from-home times, but let's not forget that many kids are now also bound to remote and online learning. Most public schools provide Chromebooks to the students, but they provide little to no guidance on how to use the laptops. Our Chromebook sticker is going to change that and most importantly we are going to make sure all students will receive it at no cost to them.

How are we planning to do that? Crowdfunding! We are still working out the details, but we will keep you updated on the progress, subscribe below to receive our latest updates. If you are a school principal or a school district board director, please contact us to be one of the first in the country to receive Chromebook Vinyl stickers for your students.

If you love our idea and would like to see our sticker change the way students use their Chromebook, contact your child's teachers and principal and we will send out our free demo kit. We are currently not accepting donations for this project, but you can support our initiative by simply purchasing stickers from our store. 

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