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Don’t Take Our Word For It

Thanks again this is such a great idea
We use apple products all over at home but the majority of the time I have to use the PC for work so it gets confusing sometimes and I’m still not completely used to the mac/MacBook shortcuts
This is perfect and so convenient!

Jonelle B Walters-Reese

verified Facebook Marketplace purchase

This is the best thing ever!! I got one for my work computer (PC) my home laptops (Mac) and for my dad for work!! Seriously a life saver! And a great stocking stuffer!

Sarah Williams-Thorm​ählen

verified website purchase

I really like the sticker material and size. It looks like it came on the computer from the factory. Being new to Apple products, this sticker is a life saver and a wealth of information. I highly recommend it.

Randall M Grayson

verified Amazon purchase

Testimonials: Testimonials
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